Ebook reader case. Keep your device safe

Yoga: Ebook reader case

Ebook reader case. Keep your device safe

An ebook reader is the perfect companion for any journey. On the public transport, train or in the car - it makes even the longest journey more pleasant. So as long as possible, protect your device with a dedicated ebook reader case.

The first thing that newly-minted reader owners do is to find a suitable case. Its main task is to protect the reader from mechanical damage. 

A well-chosen eReader case is more than that. It can give an original look, making you and your device stand out among other ebook lovers. 

However, when choosing the one unique case that suits your style, it is still worth considering its functionality. Of the models available on the market for 6’ as well as 7,8’ e-readers, most serve only a basic role.

Yoga - a universal eReader case for a 6’ screen

When we created the inkBOOK ebook reader, we knew from the beginning that the next natural step would be to provide users with the highest possible comfort in using our device. With this thought in mind, we created the Yoga case to fit the 6’ ebook reader.

Yoga fits perfectly on models such as the inkBOOK Calypso Plus or inkBOOK Calypso. And is available in a variety of colors that you can easily match to your style.

In addition, Yoga provides full reader functionality with maximum protection from damage through the use of high-quality materials.

It is worth noting what sets Yoga apart from the competition:

  • built-in magnets that prevent accidental opening of the reader, allowing you to carry it safely in a bag, backpack or suitcase,
  • thanks to the auto-sleep function, it helps maintain longer battery life - by closing the flip cover, you put the reader to sleep, and when you open it, you wake it up where you left off reading. Important! This option is only available on such 6' reader models as inkBOOK Calypso Plus and inkBOOK Calypso.

The case for the inkBOOK reader stands out from other available models, because in addition to its basic function, it also serves as... a stand!

This allows you to take advantage of several convenient variants of ebook reader positioning, and as a result enjoy even more comfortable reading - without having to hold it constantly in your hands.

Ebook reader Yoga case

Twist eReader case - the protection of a larger screen

Twist is a dedicated case for a device a little larger than a 7’ ebook reader. We created it with the bestselling 7,8’ inkBOOK Focus in mind. 

It is perfectly shaped to fit our ergonomic reader for comfortable reading. The comfortable design gives the user full functionality of all the reader's buttons.  

As with the Yoga, the Twist has all the extra features, is available in several colors and, like its smaller version, also acts as a universal stand that you can set up according to your reading needs.

An ebook reader with a case - the choice is yours! 

You already know the importance of an ebook reader cover. It's an investment that pays off from day one, guaranteeing your device's safety from mechanical damage and other types of scratches. 

It's also the perfect partner for your inkBOOK reader, allowing you to read literally anywhere. On the beach, on the train, on a picnic - you take ebook reader with the case everywhere, and leave all your worries at home.

On top of that, you can choose the case for your inkBOOK reader from a palette of the trendiest colors - you simply pick the one that best reflects your style.

Automatic sleep, battery saving and stand function - the case with the inkBOOK reader is a perfect duo.

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