ePagine & inkBOOK: exciting partnership to facilitate digital reading

ePagine & inkBOOK: exciting partnership to facilitate digital reading

ePagine and inkBOOK: exciting partnership to facilitate digital reading 

We are proud to announce that ePagine and inkBOOK have joined forces to offer a new range of e-readers, designed to guarantee intuitive and simplified use, and thus support different audiences in their discovery of digital books and their reading experience.

Place your order with the code "EPAGINE" - we'll give you a Christmas tea and an eco bag for free! 

This offer is valid till 31/12/2023.

ePagine and inkBOOK join forces in pursuit of a shared vision encompassing to offer inkBOOK e-reader with ePagine app and access to a world of limitless reading. 

inkBOOK Focus with ePagine app 

This synergy of our expertise, experiences, and resources positions us to effectively tackle market challenges and deliver products and services of the highest quality.

inkBOOK Calypso Plus with ePagine app


A French company located in Montrouge, Paris. Founded almost forty years ago, the company has been providing a range of turnkey tools to booksellers on the French and European market ever since.

Focusing on ebooks and digital audiobooks, ePagine works with e-distributors to provide the bibliographical data of ebooks, and the download links required to read the book. As such, ePagine works as an intermediary between distributors and retailers. In 2018, the company developed its own ebook warehouses in France and Holland in order to manage the entire sales process, from file storage to customer service. 

The company is now the European leader in digital services dedicated to booksellers and has been involved with the promotion of the DRM LCP developed by EDRLab, as an active member of the group. Moreover, ePagine also provides turnkey websites for bookshops, and innovative services, such as ePagine Radio, a free webradio used to air and promote audiobooks.

Learn more about ePagine services here: https://www.epagine.fr/ and https://www.epagine.eu/.


inkBOOK Europe 

Second-biggest European eReader manufacturer. Founded in March 2009 as ArtaTech the company has been successfully offering IT solutions for e-book sellers, reading applications and inkBOOK eReaders.

In 2013 the company was granted “Entrepreneur of the Year” title from City Bank (PL). The development of integrated software and hardware idea has allowed to deliver to the market the unique android based e-readers inkBOOK Prime and Classic2, which in 2017 received the most important award for electronics design - the German Red Dot Design Award.

inkBOOK Europe apart from eReaders also designs and builds engaging, best-practice eBook systems solutions, fully integrated with Digital Rights Management, ecommerce platforms.

Among current bestsellers of inkBOOK eReader models are customizable android based devices 6-inch inkBOOK Calypso Plus and 7,8-inch inkBOOK Focus.

inkBOOK is a member of French EDR Lab and a long term partner of E Ink, Sony DADC, contributor to Readium, as well as an authorized partner for content security for ADOBE DRM and LCP DRM. 

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