“Send to inkBOOK”, a wireless file transfer service for your eReader

Send to inkBOOK

“Send to inkBOOK”, a wireless file transfer service for your eReader

Another method for uploading files to your inkBOOK reader library is here! A way that is as convenient as it is reliable. Check out the "Send to inkBOOK" function, which we have created specially for you. 

Until now, the ability to add books was actually limited to two ways of transferring files to the reader: "traditional" copying files to the reader's internal memory via a USB cable - this method, although reliable, is described by many users as rather inconvenient, due to the need to connect the reader to a computer.

The second way is to connect an external memory card to the device, containing the readings of interest.

In response to users' expectations, we decided to create a new service that allows you to transfer files wirelessly. "Send to inkBOOK" is a convenient solution that allows you to add files to your reader by sending them in an attachment to the email assigned to your reader.

Wirelessly and directly to your inkBOOK device. All you need is a computer with internet access. 

How to wirelessly transfer files to an ebook reader? 

Uploading files to your inkBOOK is a trivial matter! You can activate the "Send to inkBOOK" service in the reader's menu by selecting settings and then choose the option called "Send to inkBOOK". 

After accepting the terms and conditions, you are given a unique email address to which the books will be sent. So for the next step you add, as an attachment to the e-mail message, the file you want to upload to the reader, such as an ebook or a graphic for a screensaver. 

Then after sending the message, you connect the reader to Wi-Fi, sync the "Send to inkBOOK" function and that’s it!

“Send to inkBOOK”: what about online services?  

That’s not a problem. If you want to download a particular book from online services (such as an ebook store), you can simply send it to your email address provided by the reader. 

A lot of online ebook / audiobook services are connected with inkBOOK wireless file transfer systems. That means that you can easily send bought books straight to your eReader even from… your shop account. 

Once the book is in the mailbox, just click on the "Synchronize now" box on your eReader and the book will be automatically added to your library.

The new functionality is available on models inkBOOK Calypso Plus and inkBOOK Focus.

We hope that the "Send to inkBOOK" service will meet your expectations and make using inkBOOK readers even more convenient for you thanks to wireless file transfer. 

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